Monday, October 10, 2005

And so it begins.

So we learned an important lesson. It is possible to get pregnant 5 days before ovulation even while monitoring all your fertility signs. So it begins. I had a feeling that "it" might have happened. I began testing with OPK's first as not to waste any HPT's. I must have taken about 20 tests. My husband might just kill me if he only knew. Well, I guess he'll know now. If you don't see another post from me. You know why. So as I was saying, I began testing from the moment of conception (Yes, I know when I conceived). and only tested even more as the days went on. The OPK's were getting darker and darker. I finally used a Clearblue Easy Digital on cycle day 11 and to my not so surprise it was clearly POSITIVE. So, I took a few more tests to confirm the pregnancy before going to the doctor's for a blood test to confirm it once again. I got the results a few days later and my beta was 48. Which confirmed I was just a "little bit pregnant."

I am currently 7 weeks and a few days pregnant and aside from being very tired I don't feel pregnant. It's strange since with my other pregnancies i was praying to the porcelain gods by now. Maybe the guy upstairs knew I couldn't handle it this time around and is sparing me. That would be nice. I have however had some interesting cravings already. The last two times we've gone out to eat I've ordered appetizers and a salad for my meal. Not gross, just odd. I was also craving a Del Taco beach and cheese burrito with green sauce for days before i finally overcome the craving by giving into it. Other than that, you wouldn't know I was pregnant.

I have my first ultrasound on the 19th at 5:00 p.m. Daddy insists there are two in there so we will find out for sure (hopefully) that day how many babies there are baking!