Friday, April 13, 2007

Caden's Autism Team Evaluation Results

I'll give the nutshell since it was about an hour long. I went to meet with the team for results this afternoon. He is clearly autistic but not classic autistic. His vocabulary is way too high. He is definitely a sensory seeker and show alot of signs for adhd and ODD (oppositional defiance disorder). They're not ready to diagonse yet because of age, but once he starts school if he's exhibiting the same signs and not functioning well in school (at this point he wouldn't be, but i'll touch on that in a few) then will delve into that diagnosis then.

Anyways, Cognitively for speech, meaning understanding speech and able to carry on conversation he's at the 24 month level. This surprised me as I didn't realize he was that far behind, because he has a huge vocabulary but the understanding isn't really rhere. Gross motor skill he's slightly delayed at 36 months or 3 1/2 years. Fine motor skills he's a "solid" 24 months, not less not more. Once again we knew he was behind but putting an age on it really hits harder than I thought it would.

So, the plan of action. Take this report back to the school district and push harder to have him put into a special education class. The doctors have recommended 5 days a week. If they can't provide it push for them to help place him into a preschool specializing in special needs and for them to fund it. We are also at the point of possibly hiring an advocate as it seems this may be a long and dirty battle so to speak without one. At this point it's pretty evident that Caden would not do well i a school enviroment without a 1:1 ratio so ni the next year we'll be working on finding him an aid. Once he's in a public school (not just IEP) than they'll be "forced" to get him the help he needs. In the meantime, we chug along working with him in OT, and working on the school district getting him the resources he needs.