Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cloth diapering

Well, we are full swing into cloth diapering and loving it!. My newest favorite diapers are Gro-Baby. They fit well, and are easy to adjust for different babies. I have 6 shells and 10 soaker pads, with 4 more soaker pads on the way. However, they also work really well with a trifolded prefold just laid in the soaker. They're a bit tricky for a newborn at first since you have to sort of ""scrunch"" the soaker down into the diaper, but after putting the diaper on once or twice, it was not an issue. I will say that even with a breastfed baby that that contain poo really well on the soaker pads. I've only had poo on the shells 3 times, and those were with hugely explosive poos, but even then, they were still contained WITHIN the shell, and no blowouts. :) I only have 6 shells and I find that to be more than enough, and could even make my whole stash thee diapers using 6 shells. I think 12 shells like they suggest would be overkill. They are aplix, and some people don't like that. I love the aplix they use and don't have issues with ""diaper chains"" in the wash, but i know others have. they are coming out with a snap version in june, and will be coming out with more colors and prints in the late fall.

So some Pros: Fit most babies shapes really well. Shells are reusable until they are soiled so it reduces laundry, and eventually is more cost effective since you need more soakers, but less shells. It is a trim fitting diaper, and since it's an All in 2, makes a great diaper bag diaper since it can be dependable, and there's less bulk to carry. It's organic cotton, so natural fibers against baby's bottom.

Cons: They do leave red marks on baby's legs/back. They're not terrible though, no mre than a pair of socks would leave on baby but i know this bothers some people. They stain more easily than other fabrics, but I think that's just the nature of the beast. They are a bit pricey to invest in initially.

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