Friday, July 21, 2006

Not much going on.

There's not alot going on. I'm starting to feel more and more like we might really be "done" having kids. I am slowly sellng old baby clothes that Emma is growing out of and that Caden has outgrown. I sold the mini-cosleeper today and something about that just made everything seem so final. I have a bit of a bittersweet feeling about all of it. I guess if there are more kids in the future it will happen.

The kids are doing well. Caden is still loving school. The girls are home with me during the day. Lily likes to help "clean" er make messes behind me while cleaning. She LOVES being read to and has a new book whee you lift flaps up to see things and she just lights up when we read it to her. I find myself reading it about 20 times a day and at times wanting to hide the darn thing. LOL. But she likes it and reading is good for her so I endure it.

Emma is doiong well. She doesn't have any doctors visit for this month until the end of august. She'll have her 6 month checkup then. I can't believe how old she's getting so fast! She weighs 10 1/2 lbs according to our very scientific and accurate method of Sean weighing himself on a bathroom scale and them re-weighing himself holding her. LOL. Seem about right. She has outgrown most her preemie clothes and is now in 0-3. She still cries alot, but I'm learning to deal with it a bit better. She's also starting to sleep through the night more nights than not so that is great too. Not much else to report on.

My doula work is going well. I'm starting to get myself out there to try and get more clients. I really enjoy and think it's perfect for me. Just need to keep balanced between work and family.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Going in a new direction...

Ok, it seems as though Emma is "out of the woods" so to speak and we're moving onto the next chapter of our lives. I will still be including updates on her and the other 2 kids but this blog will be going into more of a "A day in the life of a circus..err I mean family with toddlers." type of deal.

For those who have asked. The big bows that you see one the girl's pictures were either made by me or bought on Ebay depending on how creative I felt that day. :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Oh, and a few pictures!

Since I forgot to add pictures here are a few!

Good news from the eye doctor!

Emma had her eyes checked this morning (It has been a month since the surgery and last check). He said her ROP has regressed 100% and looks really good. We are still unsure as to how much loss of sight she will have or when and if she will need glasses. But, this is GREAT news. The best part is we don't go back to see him for another 3 months!!!

I'm not sure how much she weighs now but she's getting big. Smiling lots. Still crying lots. She's definitely more aware and has more awake period now. She's only waking about once at night normally around 2:30-3:30. Sean and I still take turns getting up with her in the night. She was put on zantac for reflux and it seems to be helping quite a bit although it tastes nasty and she hates the stuff. She is still eating between 3-4 ounces a feeding about every 3-4 hours.

Caden had his evaluation with the autism team and they diagnosed him as high functioning on the autism spectrum. We are working with the school district to get him into an early intervention special education program in the fall. In the meantime he saw the nuerologist and is scheduled for a "sleep deprived EEG" for concerns that he may be having absence seizures. We're also working on getting a second opinion on the autism diagnosis. He is enjoying his currwnt preschool. There are some behavior issues but overall I think it's great for him!