Friday, January 20, 2006

I'm no suzie homemaker

Hey, I'm no Suzie Homemaker okay. I'm just a tired old pregnant hag who has somehow made it through 20 some odd weeks of pregnancy without updating my blog. Seems time just slipped away between sick kids, husband, self. The works. Guess it's time for an overdue update. Better the blog to be overdue than the bun in the oven though, eh?

So, I'm 22 weeks pregant now. I'm feeling the baby move lots and Sean has even felt it. All along Caden has said there's a baby girl in mommy's tummy. Well, we WERE going to be surprised. We made it through our "big" ultrasound without finding out. We fought the urge. But wouldn't you know the doctor would "slip" at a quick checck of the baby. So, we're thinkin' pink. Caden was right. Guess we should have listened to the little bugger in the first place. We only have one picture of our baby bun and it's not very good but here it is.

Yep, there ya have it folks, the second little Miss Stanford right before your eyes.

So far so good with the pregnancy. It's been pretty boring. Boring is good in my books. Had a little bit of second trimester morning sickness (managed to pass over it in the first trimester). Minimal uncomfortableness and pain. The pee issues are no different than while I am not pregannt so I guess I can't blame the bun. No new is good news.

I will try to update again before the baby is born, but who knows the next post just may be a birth announcement. Third posts a charm, right? Oh come on, laugh with me!


Susan said...

Yahoo!! A Post!! I can't believe it - but what a great one!! Welcome Little MIss Stanford #2!!!!

munkeesmama said...

Ok, I just re-read this post and got a little chuckle, since I said I would try to update my blog again shortly, but "who know's the next post may just eb a birth announcement" I was JOKING when I said that. Teach me not to joke around.