Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Long Overdue Update

It's been brought to my attention by some EmmaFans that this update is LONG overdue. Partly out of laziness, and partly because not alot has been going on but alot all at the same time. Mostly, same stuff different day. i guess I'll start where the last update ended. We ended up losing our rat Squirt tragically and were all upset. Since then we have lost the other original rat Dora due to a respiratory infection. She went peacefully in my arms. We now currently have Kaiya (means little, she was a runt), Uboo, and "baby". they are so much fun and we never knew just how attached we would get. We even built them a new wooden cage with lots of toys and different levels!

I'll go through each one of us. Sean is doing ok but business is stressful as always. We've looked at houses and have decided with the market the way it is right now we'll be waiting to buy until it bottoms out most likely mid 2008. So, that's excited and a bit stressful. I have been doing alright. I had 2 "paralyzing" type spells and the doctors still don't know what's going on. I have had about a trillion med changes to help me sleep with no change. So, we'll be worrking on getting be healthier.

Caden is doing well. He still has good days and bad but he is so smart and his memory is sharp as a tack. He cracks us up with the things he says and does daily and is a joy to be around. He started a "play group" speech group and goes once a week on Thursdays and seems to really enjoy it. He'll also be starting occupational therapy for some sensory issues on Friday, for 45 minutes a week. His doctor's are less than thrilled with the school district and what they've offere and will be conductiong a 4 hour evaluation on the 30th to send to the district to get the ball rolling on getting him into an actual class. It was interesting to read the school's IEP report and a bit sad as well. On a side note Caden was born with a birthmark on his right shoulder which has gotten bigger/darker/hairier over the years. It's finally time to have it removed as there is a chance it could turn cancerous if left. Unfortunately, he'll have to go under general anesthesia for it, and that will be happening in about a month.

Lily is doing well, blossoming into quite th young lady. She is opinionated as ever and is still quite the Grandpa's girl. She's got him wrapped so tight around her finger it's not even funny. Her vocabulary is growing day by day and she is starting to crack us up with the things she says as well. She is also such the little mommy always wanting to make sure that Emma is okay and giving reassuring kisses when Emma cries.

Brings me to the Bemma. She is doing amazingly well. A month ago we were looking at wheelchairs and getting an idea for what she might need and what would be best for her. Fast forward a month and within the last 2 weeks she has loosened up, she has learn ing how to go from laying to hands and knees to sitting, and within the past few days has even learned to CRAWL. I am just beside myself with joy. Here's a link to her crawling:
She can now say Dada and Grandpa. Go figure. The verdict's still out on mama though. She's gaining weight steadily and is FINALLY on the charts. She currently weighs 19 1/2 lbs and is about 27 inches. As for her feeding tube, there's still really no end in sight. She still refluxes quite a bit from solid foods. But if that's the worst of her problems, than I'm quite alright with that!

It's that time again for the March of Dimes WalkAmerica. I've created a team Emma Bemma and we'll be walking in April to help raise funds and awareness for the march of dimes. They do alot of work towards finding a cure for prematurity. I've created this video to show a little bit about why we walk.
Feel free to share this link on your blogs, boards or through email. Every little bit counts!


Kelly said...

I've been looking for an update from you! Glad everyone is doing well. :)

cyannella said...

Your videos touched my heart.
I sat there and cried my eyes out watching them.

So many memories of Emmie-Rose and everything that went on hit me at once while watching them.

You did a great job. Some of the music I knew, other artists I had no clue who they were. I would love to know.

Hugs and Kisses to everyone