Wednesday, November 07, 2007

It's been awhile

Well, it's been awhile. Life has been hectic. We've been looking at houses off and on for over a year now. One day Sean came to me with a floorplan on a piece of paper and said "What do you think of this." I said, it's nice but we';ll have to see it. The next weekend we saw it and loved it. It was about 90% done and not many choiuces lewft. The folowing weekend we put down a deposit on it aqnd got started on the contract. WOW. It's been about 2 months since then and we're now the proud homeowners of an almost 3,000 sq. foot home. It is still very surreal and doesn't quite feel like "home yet". The kids are LOVING it. We're at the end of a culdesac so our lot is huge and the kids can wear off their energy. It's a nice change from 5 of us being cramped into a 2 bedroom apartment. So, that's the good news.

The not so good news is Emma has been sick for over a month. We went to the doctor once a week for 4 weeks, first it was a cold, then ear infection, then Oops, it moved into her lungs and she now has pnuemonia. She was one step away from being in a hospital. Unfortunately she got denied for Synagis this year which is an immunization which helps porotect against rsv and other illnesses which are harder on kids with lung damage and compromised immune systems. We tried fighting it but not that she's sick they really won't give it to her. It's just SO frustrating. To make matters worth she hadn't been tube fed in over 3 weeks. She wasn't gaining weightm, but she wasn't losing either. Now, she's hardly eating anything, she's lost alot of weight, the doctor was concerned she's getting back to almost failure to thrive and wants her watched closely, and we're back to tube feeding. She looks anorexic. It's SO SO SO frustrating. It's hard to put things into prospective and remember just how BLESSED we are and know that in the end it will turn out alright. It just seems like one thing after another. On a good note after a million breathing treatments, 2 courses of antibiotics, an oral steroid, an inhaler steroid, and a few other things she seems to be on the upswing and we're hoping to avoid the hospital.

On the Caden front. I need to go down to the school district and see if they have a preschool class available for him. Hopefully I can get around to that this week and get something going. If not he'll be going to "real" school next year. YIKES! I can't believe my BABY is almost 5. Oh and he's a "genius", just ask him. He'll tell ya.

Lily is doing good. All attitude but still knows when to come up and plant a big ole kiss on you. We are having her evaluated for possible speech therapy. Her vocabulary is large but her pronunciation is not quite there. By 2 they said you should be able to understand 50% of what she says. She's borderline with family and we find outselves asking ehr "what, huh, say it again." alot. Strangers, forget it. She's talking abother language to them. So hopefully, we can get that going and get her into some speech therapy which might make life less frustrating for everyone. It's hard to understand her which gets her frustrated and it's a vicous circle.

Sean and I are doing well. Working, working, working. The business is holding steady even though the housing market stinks. We're actually managing to have a "record year" YAY. The commute isn't as bad as we though it would be from where we live to our business which is good, and since we drive together it also gives us some one on one time to be husband and wife and not just mommy and daddy so it's a nice break as well.

Other than thast, nothing much going on. I'll try and get some new pics on here when I get home, but wanted to update everyone. :)

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