Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 15: We had an ultrasound today. It took awhile to find Baby dino's heartbeat and there was a tense few minutes. However, after looking and looking we found it at a strong 140bpm. Baby Dino is measuring 6 weeks 3 days. My due date has been moved forward 3 days to April 7, 2009. Which I'm more than fine by in case I go late (although I've never gone late.

August 20: Blood draw to check my progesterone levels since it's being supplemented with 200mg of Prometrium daily. Progesterone came back at 11.2 only up 2 points from previous draw at 9.6. Still not high enough. Have another blood check on 8/26/08. If levels are still low will be upping dose of Prometrium.

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