Saturday, December 06, 2008

Another good midwife appointment.

Well, I'm 23 weeks today, and had another good midwife appoint. C (my midwife) brought S (her apprentice) with her today. She was just as lovely as my midwife. We had alot of fun and alot of good laughs. My weight is up by 1.5 lbs. (total for the pregnancy), No protein/ketones in my urine. Baby's heartbeat was great. I'm measuring somewhere between 25-26cm. So once again measuring slightly large for dates, but that's not unusual for having several kids. Not to mention I think he's going to be my biggest baby so far. Which is funny, since when C was palpating my uterus she asked "we DID confirm there is only one right". He's mighty big! To me, he feels almost as big as Emma was when she was born at 27 weeks. So who knows. I'm fully expecting an 8 1/2-9 lb. baby or more. I just hope he fits his clothes and cute cloth diapers.

Other than that. We scheduled our last "4 week" visit for January 3, 2009. From there I will have one "3 week" visit which will take me to 30 weeks, and then I believe from there on out I'll have visits every 2 weeks until 36 or 38 weeks at which point I'll go to weekly visits until I deliver. WOW, putting it like that makes it feel not so far away. That's only about 8 visits left! For some reason I feel like I won't make it to April though, and March 28th, feels closer to when I'll deliver. But, we'll see what God (and the baby) have in store for us. It's becoming much more real and exciting now.

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Rhonda said...

So glad to hear things are going good for you!