Wednesday, January 07, 2009

27.5 weeks

Wow, it's been a long road but we have officially passed our first "big" milestone this pregnancy. There has been some (not so hidden) anxiety leading up to 27 weeks 2 days. If you've followed this blog for long then you'll know that it was at this gestation that our Preemie Princess Emma Grace was born. All 2lbs. 2oz. of her that struggled to live in those early weeks. We have prayed for a healthy pregnancy, and for a full-term baby, and have taken this pregnancy day by day. What a joy to make it past 27 weeks.

We had yet another good, boring, midwife appt. last saturday. I have been super duper tired and apparently pale lookingm, so she's ordered some lab work to check for anemia. Not a huge deal, but something which we'd rather treat sooner rather than later. Baby Dino's heartbeat was on the slower side at 128 bpm, but that's probably because he was resting. He appears to be back head down, yay! Everything else looked good. My next midwife appt. will be in 3 weeks when I hit 30 weeks. From there we go to every 2 weeks. Yikes! It's beginning to feel like crunch time.

I have another ultrasound appt. and ultrasound cervical check tomorrow. I'm sure everything will be just fine. I'll also get to see this little guy again. I'm curious to know what their estimated weight it for him, since he feels on the bigger side and we can compare to what Emma actually was when she was born. I know there is always some inaccuracy either way with weights, but it's still fun to speculate.

Here's a picture from our last ultrasound. Hopefully, I'll have another to post tomorrow.

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Maya said...

What a relief! By now you must be past the 30 week mark!! YAY!!