Sunday, January 25, 2009

30 weeks: In the home stretch

I'm 30 weeks now. What I consider the "homestretch".My appointments shift from once a month, to every 2 weeks. Midwife appointments shift from basic prenatal checks to going over my birth plan, discussing any fears, ironing out the birth deals, going over any testing we'd like to have or decline, and discussing whether we'd like the standard "protocol" for baby when he's born. Wow! It feels like just yesterday I was lining up the handfuls of pregnancy tests on the counter in amazement.

Anyways, yet another good midwife appointment. I'm up 2 pounds in 2 weeks. n which my midwife joyfully exclaimed "YES! Finally!" Which put me at 4 1/2 lbs. under pre-pregnancy weight still, but about 4 lbs. up from when I first started seeing my midwife. I'm sure I'll really start packing on the pounds these last few weeks as my body prepares for birth and as baby Dino begins to pack on his chunk.

There was slight protein in my urine, which has been an issue on and off his pregnancy, but not major and probably most likely due to whatever I had eaten/not eaten prior. My bloodwork came back. My hemoglobin is just fine. slightly lower compared to some, but perfectly fine for a pregnant woman 30 weeks pregnant, so YAY!

We discussed the GD test for diabeties, circumcision, vitamin k injection for baby, and the eye ointment for baby as well. I've decided to bypass the GD testing. My diet is goo and I'm testing my glucose levels at home periodically and am always right on target. As for circumcision, wow, what a hot topic, huh? My oldest is not circumcised. I believe it's not necessary and is a cosmetic procedure and that it's best left to be. Hubby, on the other hand feels very strongly that this baby should be circumcised. So, we're at a crossroad, and have something to hash out a bit before the birth. Because we have not completely decided about circumcision we've decided to go ahead and give the baby the vitamin k shot at birth, to help with blood clotting. I have however declined the eye goop , since it's to protect against std's as the baby travels the birth canal, which I am confident that I do not have, and that my husband has not given me. So, that's that for now. I'm sure we'll discuss the GBS (group beta strep) more in depth at my next appointment. I am torn on whether to even do the testing or not. It's a bigger test to me, so I'm trying to weigh each side carefully.

As for Baby, he's doing amazingly well. She got the last ultrasound report. My cervix is measuring right on track and behaving itself. Baby measured RIGHT on track as well. Placenta is high and posterior. cord insertion looked good. And I won't be going back to the perinatologist for the remainder of the pregnancy unless I manage to go past 41-42 weeks.

Baby's heartrate sounded good and strong yesterday. My midwife palpated a bit and determined baby to be head down, body on left side, and LOA (left occiput anterior) which is the prime position for giving birth. Hopefully he stays put. He's still rather high, but I'm not expecting him to drop a ton before labor. For now he resides just under my ribs to remind mommy that he's there, in a not so comfortable way.

Since I don't think I've posted many (if any) belly pictures this pregnancy, here's my 30 week picture. Yes, I'm huge.


Rhonda said...

So happy to hear your doing well! ANd you look fantastic! Take Care!

loraine said...
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loraine said...

Whoops, thought my other comment would be removed completely. Oh, well. Had some more to say. Back to your regularly scheduled comment:

Hey Elaina, you look good! Love your smile.

VW isn't circumcised and I am SO VERY GLAD I said no to it. He's fine, healthy, his parts are healthy, and after reading all about guys and their feelings...... I'm glad I did it. Lots of kids are NOT circumcised these days.

Hope all is well and continues to be boring. :-)) Miss you.

Susan said...

I see you're about 36 weeks now. I pray you have a wonderful, safe and peaceful delivery!