Friday, April 14, 2006

New Do

I thought it was time for a change. I cut off a few inches and went curly. I LOVE it!


Kym said...

Guess what I did today??? WENT CURLY! *LOL* Great minds think alike! *s*

Megan said...

Your hair looks great! Is it a perm? Caden's cat is beautiful! Caden used to chase Bella around the house trying to pull her tail. I don't know why kids find that activity to be so funny! Bella didn't think it was very funny but she tried to be a good sport about it because she likes Caden! Yay - Lilly gets to come home soon!
Megan, Jeremy and Bella

~Di~ said...

You look great Elaina. I am sure with the hustle and bustle schedule you have you need something that is wash and wear. That is so awesome that Lily will be coming home soon,you all must be super excited.
Cute cat, we can't have any animals either because Marcus is very allergic and I think Stevie is getting allergies too.:-( So that is the best way I would say. Is it someone else's cat?
Anyhoo, so glad things are going well and I hope we can catch up with eachother soon so we can chat...I miss ya!


wheezeybouncer said...

love the do :o) i got mine done too, but didnt' get curls out of the deal! i'm jealous (i think!)

geina x