Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Still Waiting...

Of course out of all days for Emma's doctor to be in a meeting until noon it HAD to be today. LOL. So we'll be heading back to the nicu 1:00 p.m. pacific time. It's is 99.9 percent this time that she will come home. She had her pictures taken this morning. I will try and scan that this afternoon. For now we play the waiting game. It was funny. Leaving the nicu earlier this morning was bittersweet. I looked at Sean and said this is the last time we are leaving here without our baby. It is all too surreal. I haven't shed tears yet, but I know they're coming. Once again thank you for all of your loving support, kind words, good thoughts, and prayers through all of us. They were much needed and much appreciated. We couldn't have done it alone. For that I will be forever grateful.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you finally get to bring your precious baby girl home! I played this song in our car when I took my babies home, now it reminds me of your journey to finally bring Emma where she belongs!

I hope today is the day and that you finally are able to sleep under one roof tonight. And by the way, your hair looks fantastic! Did you do it yourself?

Peace and excitment for you,
Christy (miraclemama3)

wheezeybouncer said...

at last, home all together as it should be- and she's not even due yet! way to grow miss emma :o)

hope all goes smoothly and there are no set backs to stop it happeneing

love n hugs
geina xx