Tuesday, April 04, 2006

We're Moving!

The blog postings have been few and far between since we are moving. We spent about a week finding a place and finally found one we like. The rent is a bit high on it, but it has a washer and dryer in unit which I feel is a MUST with 3 kids. It's 2 bedrooms, 1106 sq. feet. The kitchen sucks (it's small) but the layout is nice. All three kids will go in the same room. My mom and I are going to make the kids room a hawaiian, surf type of thing which should work well for a co-ed room. The big move date is Saturday. We get our keys on friday. I'm not sure if I'll be without internet for a few days or not. It depends on when we can get the cable people out to our house or whether any of our neighbors have a wireless network. Hopefully we will all be settled and ready for Emma by the time she gets home.

Emma is doing well. She is 3 lbs 4 oz. she is up to 28 cc's on her feeds. Delivered through the pump over an hour every 3 hours. She has had some blood in her stools off and on so they are not adding the fortifier to the breastmilk for a few days to see if that gets better. They did an abdominal x-ray and palpated a bit, and nothing out of the ordinary showed up. She continues to do well without her oxygen and maintaining her temperature. She only had 3 spells the day before yesterday, only one spell yesterday, and only 3 so far today. So that is GREAT news! Next week they will try to begin nipple feedings. Lets all cross our fingers that she does well. I'm hoping to get her to the breast as soon as possible. (As long as she is ready of course)

She has another eye exam done. Unfortunately, this time is showed stage 1 retinopathy. The Dr. said it is not overly concerning at this time, but at stage 2 and 3 nearsidedness occurs. She is off the oxygen (which causes retinopathy) so that is in her favor. We're hoping this regresses and that it won't permanently affect her.

On a happy note, Emma is the best dresses preemie in the nicu. She has so many cute clothes and blankets that she has her own mini dresser FULL. The nurses all get crack out of it. They think it's so neat. All of the donations, and clothes, and everything that we received early on from all over the world are now being used. It's so neat. I have also begun sewing her some shirts (with froggies of course!). She is now beginning to grow into preemie clothes and out of micro-preemie clothes. They are still big, but she is bulging out the seams of the micro clothes. I can't believe how big she is getting. She also has a TON of hair. I need to get started on making her some coordinating bows. A girl's gotta have style.

I'm not sure I will be able to update again before the big move. I did get some more pictures of Caden holding his sister so if I manage to get those uploaded than I will do a quick update with pictures. Until then keep praying, they're working!


Kelly said...

Sounds great Elaina! Good luck on the big move! Soon Emma will be joining you. :)

wheezeybouncer said...

good luck with the move!

can't wait to see miss emma all dressed and purty for us ;o) she's doing so well!

many hugs all round
geina xx

~Di~ said...

Oh Elaina,what wonderful news. Wtg Emma, I am so glad to hear you are doing so well. Continued Prayers to you all. Good Luck with the move!

Anonymous said...

YAY Emma!! Keep growing little one! She sounds like she is doing wonderful! I wanted to tell you that my daughter, who will be 8 in May, had stage 1 ROP and her eyes seem to be fine so far! The ROP corrected it's self and her eyes are fine. She saw the opthamologist until she was 18 months old. At that point, her Opthamologist(sp?), told us to just do the routine eye exams other kids would have. :-) YAY! I just thought I would share her sucess with you!