Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Caden held Emma!

Things continue to go well. Emma is up to 2 lbs 14 oz. She is at 24 cc/ml every 3 hours. Her o2 stays between 22-30% but is typically around 25%. She continues to have less and less spells. she only had one brady episode on the night shift last night. I was able to help weigh her last night and do her vitals. I was going to give her a bath tonight, but I'm just WAY too tired to head back down there (she doesn't get a bath until 9:30 or 10 at night).

We took the kids to see her tonight and decided that Caden could hold her. Unfortunately, we didn't have our camera so they took a polaroid of him. I'll have to scan it tomorrow. He was so cute and gentle. He was telling her all about Thomas the train. He got a kick out of her making squeaking noises. She even relaxed enough to have a good poop on him (yucky). She is getting alot stronger and youo can hear it in her cry. Sean held her for a few and then I put her back in her bed. The kids were amazingly well behaved today (normally lily is screaming, yelling, and trying to run away, and Caden is climbing all over the chairs and opening and shutting the isolette doors).

Oh, a side note. Emma was moved to the next door NICU. They only have 3 babies in the NICU right now so the condensed them down to the one room. It's not as cozy. It's one large room and just feels more like a hospital. I KNOW it's a hospital, but it felt more cozy "next door".


Kym said...


wheezeybouncer said...

she'll be as big as sian was at birth soon! way to go little emma!

can't wait to see the photy of caden holding his baby sister

geina xx

wheezeybouncer said...

what a gorgeous photy. caden you are a very handsome young man!

geina xx

Sarah said...

So adorable!! I'm so thrilled for you guys! It sounds like everything is going great.
Keep up the good work little Emma!

Kelly (ILuvBabies) said...

Awww Look at Caden holding his sissy. Too precious! :)

~Di~ said...

Awww look at Caden holding his sister,that is so precious. What a Sweet big brother holding Emma so gently. So glad to hear Emma is doing so well and steady gaining. Keep up the good work Princess Emma!

FlakyLMD said...

I have been reading Emmas Blog from the start, thank you for sharing your story. There are many prayers being lifted for you. The memories that your family will have one day are so precious. xoxox