Friday, March 03, 2006

3/2/06 and 3/3/06 Update


Sean and I celebrated our One year wedding anniversary yesterday (hence no blog update last night). We had a lovely evening. We went to visit Emma and then went to Claim Jumper. Our friend Susan was nice enough to babysit Lily and Caden for us last minute. Sean and I were given the best anniversary gift ever, we got to hold our baby girl for the VERY FIRST time!!!

Emma was still doing well on room air through the nasal canula yesterday with very few brady episodes. The nurse pulled up a rocking chair and another chair and came over and started taking her out. I almost freaked out. We were SO scared to hold her. She was swaddled tightly in her receiving (i think it weighs more than her). After getting all of her lines untangled the nurse handed her to me. I got a little teary eyed but managed to not cry. It was the best feeling in the whole world. It finally felt REAL to me that I had a new daughter. I gave Emma her very first kiss from mama and Sean got it all on video. After a few minutes I had to hand her over to Daddy who was itching to hold her. He was just as excited to hold her as I was and we got some video of him as well. We didn't get to hold her that long though since we didn't want to stress her out. She was up to 1 lb 15 oz and her feedings through the NG tube had been increased to 1.5 cc/ml. per hour and she was handling it well.


We took the kids over this evening. Emma lost 20 grams so she's just under 1 lb 15 oz. but she is also burning more calories from breathing on her own and not with the ventilator so that is to be expected. She is now up to 2 cc/ml. per hour. She had a few brady episodes and desats today so we decided not to hold her tonight and let her rest. Lily was sticking her head through (as much as she could) the porthole in the isolette "talking" to her sister. Caden of course held her head gently and let Emma wrap her hand around his finger. He always enjoys seeing his sister. He made her a bear (kind of like build a bear but it's made to be made at home), but he forgot to bring it. Emma was on her left side (which she doesn't like) so she was crying a bit and fidgeting but she had her eyes open for quite some time so that was nice to see. All in all not a whole lot of change and she is doing well.

Tomorrow is Lily's first birthday party (her birthday is sunday) so there probably won't be an update since we'll busy.

You can view the videos from last night at once again in the video section.

P.S. Thank you Di for the Birthday Bear for Lily and the "mother" beanie bear for me. :) That was very sweet of you to think of her!


Christy said...

Way to grow Emma! Happy Anniversary Sean and Elaina! Holding sweet, tiny Emma must have been the greastest present you could ever have. It warmed my heart to see you both so happy. Hopefully soon you'll be able to start Kangaroo Kare!

MiracleMama3 from Delphi

shawnthegreat said...

I'm so happy for yall. God is good, all the time! I don't even know you really and you made me cry tonight! Happy tears of course. I'm still praying for your little miracle baby!

Kimber said...

What a great milestone for you, Sean and Emma! To be held by your mamma and daddy and to hold your little girl. Wow! This is great! Kangaroo care will do her so much good. I'm thrilled for you!!!

Happy Anniversary too!

Kym said...

Wow...what an awesome way to spend your anniversary! What a great present to get to hold Princess Emma! I'm sooooo happy for you! And praise God that she continues to do better!!!

Stephanie said...

Elaina and Sean,
Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful, wonderful anniversary gift you two received! God is awesome, thats for sure! I'm so happy to see the pics of you and Sean holding Princess Emma, you both look so very happy!!!
I pray that Emma continues to grow stronger and gain every single day! I hope that Lily has a very happy first Birthday! Big hugs to all of you! Sounds like Caden is going to be an awesome big brother to Miss Emma! What a little sweetheart!
I just finished Emma's second blanket last night. I now have two hats and two blankets for her. I am going to attempt booties today. ;0)
God bless you all!

wheezeybouncer said...

super-dee-dooper update!

happy anniversary sean & elaina (late)

happy birthday lily (early)

love, geina x

Megan said...

So cool to see her eyes open!!

Cristina said...

That is so awesome that you got to hold her. I am glad she is doing well. Happy Anniversey also!