Wednesday, March 08, 2006

3/6/06 through 3/8/06 Update

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days I have been exhausted and then was waiting to upload some pictures and still haven't gotten around to it. I figured I would give a quick update pictures or no pictures before somebody really got worried.

Emma has been pretty stable over the past few days. Still having some desats and brady "spells" in response to lots of noise or being too stimulated but she seems to be recovering from them well on her own. On the 6th they tried to take off the nasal canula but she didn't handle it well so it went back on. She still needs that extra little bit of "security" which is fine. She is only 2 1/2 weeks old. They tried to up her feeding from 2.5 cc/ml per hour yesterday but she started having more desats and brady spells in response so they brought her back down to 2.5 and decided not to "push her" too quickly. We took the kids to visit her with Nick night before last. We didn't touch her, just looked. The kids were excited to see her. I got some pictures which I will hopefully get up sometime tonight or tomorrow.

I stopped in for about 45 minutes yesterday morning. She was doing well and sleeping. I pumped while I was there (which was a big ordeal since they lost the pump parts which had been "issued" to me. They had to go on a search for new parts. But after after about 30 minutes they found me some new parts (which apparently cost $100 bucks just for the tubing, 2 phlanges (the part which touches your breasts) and 2 bottles...OUCH! The nurse had never met me and was somewhat of a "negative individual" as my husband would say. If she takes care of Emma again and comes across the same way I think we'll ask for her not to take care of Emma anymore. Sean and I decided to take a night off and didn't make it back to the hospital last night. Instead we spent some much needed time with one another.

I have already made one stop today (around 11:00a.m.) She was resting peacefully. She was on 30% oxygen (21% is room air) through the nasal canula and they had "successfully" raised her feedings to 3.5 cc/ml per hour. so far she was handling it okay. Once she reaches 5 cc/ml's per feeding she will be cnsidered to be on "full feeds" for her size and age. That is one ounce every 6 hours. I didn't stay very long. We plan on heading over there with the kids again in a few minutes when I'm done pumping and Caden wakes up from his very late nap. I will try and update with some more pictures sometime tonight. I know we all love new pictures!

Oh, and one more important piece of information, Emma is up to 2 lbs. 1 oz. Almost back up to her birth weight. YAY! Hopefully she'll keep getting bigger and stronger with no major setbacks.


Sarah said...

I think that a donation in Emma's name is a wonderful idea! There are so many of us that want to do something, anything (!!) to feel like we're helping and this would be perfect!
Thank you for suggesting it!
You are in my thoughts and I hope everything continues to go well.

~Di~ said...

Elaina,thanks so much for updating...I know I can be a nag sometimes,lol but I am sure I am not the only one following this blog so closely! Glad to hear Princess Emma is doing well and tolerating the increased feeds,she'll be up to 5cc's before you know it. Wtg at getting back to her Birth weight--She is getting stronger everyday!! ((((hugs)))) to you all!