Thursday, March 09, 2006

3/9/06 Update, another step back

Well, we took the kids to visit Emma last night around 5. the kids weren't being that great while we were there so we didn't stay long. They had decresed her feeding from 3.5 cc/ml per hour to 3 cc/ml per hour because she was having alot of "spells". They also told us she was having some reflux issues most likely because her esophagus is immature and that it's common. Well she had a major spell while we were there and stopped breathing. She did eventually recover on her own, but it took a LONG time. We ended up not being able to visit her later last night (much to my dismay but I'm way to exhausted, emotionally and physically to go into details).

My mom and I went earlier today to visit. her. She looked good. I took her temprature, changed her dirty diaper, turned her onto her back. held her soft little head for awhile and she maintained her oxygen level and didn't have any spells. So that was nice. She was very alert, kicking her legs, moving her arms, "chewing" on her feeding tube, etc. They ended up turninhg off her feedings COMPLETELY. So she is not getting any of mama's milk for now. Her doctor thinks she might not be handling the feedings very well and might be having these increased incidents of spells due to an infection, possibly cause by the PPIC line in her leg. She had blood drawn, but it takes 3 days to get results back. In the meantime they are going to remove her PPIC line and have started her on 2 antibiotics just in case it is an infection. We will know for sure in a few days. If it turns out it's not an infection then the antibiotics will be discontinued. Apparently she was still having quite a few spells before I went in this morning.

This rollercoaster ride sucks. All we can do is hope and pray that she continues to progress. 2 Steps forward and 1 step back.

I'm hoping Sean and I can make it over there again tonight. Caden is spending the night at my mom's so hopefulyl after Lily goes down for the night we'll be able to go and spend some time with her. I also hope to add some more pictures sometime soon.


PuppyKat's Mommy said...

I found your blog on the SwapnShop Forum and I wanted to let you know that my family is praying for you and yours. I will be putting your family on our church prayer list also. I am writing in hopes that you will get some comfort out of knowing that you are not alone. I might not be able to relate to you and this experience personally. And I can't honestly say that I know what you are going through, but I am a mother of 2 and I know that this "job" can be unforgiving and hard, but is worth it all for the rewards in the end! I pray that God would give you strength as you go through all of this with little Emma. Feel free to email me or check out my blog...of course when you have time :) God Bless You and your family! ~Kristi Thomas in Cincinnati, OH

Kimber said...

It sounds like stopping the feedings is probably wise at this point. Sad, but wise. I really hope it's not an infection and that she just needs a brief break from working so hard. This really is such a roller coaster ride. Wow.

You're in my prayers.

wheezeybouncer said...

(((hugs))) sounds like the best plan right now.

look at how far emma's come already, we know she's a little fighter

g xx

Sarah said...

Keep your chin up.. she is such a fighter as you've posted about.. Its a long road, but God is on your side, with the power of prayer standing firmly behind you..

just know you continue to be in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

I will continue to pray for sweet little Emma. HUGS and prayers, this is a HUGE rollercoaster ride. Emma is very blessed to have you all there to support her while she rides this bumpy ride with you by her side. Hang in there! I know it is easier said then done....