Sunday, September 17, 2006

Medical Records up the wazoo

Well, I got the medical records from all 3 hospital stays for emma from both hospitals. I ordered them because we needed the ph probe and sleep study results from Bellflower and it was easier for me to get them than her doctor since Orange County and Los Angeles are not connected through the network yet. Anyways, I ended up requesting my record as well to see if there is anything that was "missed" or not told to us regarding WHY she was born too soon. They arrived and there are 6 huge folders (one is not pictured since it camr the next day)

I have gone over my medical records and aside from some rudeness in the notes regarding my "pre-term" labor which the hospital didn't feel I was havng up until the night before she was born. (Good thing I had a competant doctor) there were some interesting findings. Mostly from the operative report and the pathology report from the placenta. It states in the operative report that it appears as though there was a 50% partial abruption however no old blood was seen. (which could ndicate a new abruption and it was found at the top of my uterus). Incidently, this is the same space which showed for amniochorionitis (infection. I have a feeling the two are correlated). There weer also multiple "knots" on the placenta. Places where the tissue was rather hard and also had clusters of cells which were filled with excessive amounts of fluid. Not sure exactly what that means, but my guessing in laymans terms is that I had a less than favorable, unhealthy placenta which most likely began to abrupt and was 50% by delivery. This makes sense to me and in this case it's better she came out. It also makes sense as to why I was told numerous times after delivery that if she had not been delivered that she most likely would have passed away within 24 hours. I'm glad I trusted my body and persevered through the triages less than pleasureable experiences. I will update more with any findings that are "remarkable". Now for some recent pictures.


Kelly (ILuvBabies) said...

It's amazing what you find in your own medical records! So glad you trusted your instinct and got her delivered safely. She's adorable!

Melissa said...

I know this is far in the past, but I've been reading your blog all about Emma. I wondered what you symptoms were before you had her? Why were you on bed rest? I am 29 weeks and had some "pre term" labor last week. I had contractions every 3 minutes for 4 hours strait but they didn't change my cervix. I've since been on bedrest. This is my third baby and my first I had a placenta abpurtion during labor (she was born 39 weeks) my second was born at 36 weeks after going into labor on my own. She had a huge weight jump after birth and they mentioned that usually happens when the placenta hasn't been functioning up to par. And I think my body went into labor because of that. ANYWAY I'm concerned this may be happening again only earlier. They are going to do an ultrasound in 3 weeks but part of me is concerned this won't be soon enough, ya know? What is your opinion? What made you go in?