Monday, September 18, 2006

Sifting through Emma's records

Well, I've managed to get through 3 of the 5 folders of Emma's medical records (one folder from bellflower with nothing really remarkable in it) and the rest from The nicu. Uggh, After reading some of emma's medical reports it seems as though she was bagged with chest compressions (CPR) at LEAST 3 times that we were not aware of.Laymans terms she passed away and they brought her back. That make me so mad, but at the same time i'm wondering how I would have handled it at the time. The notes state that her heart flatlined, I take that as she passed away 3 times and was brought back 3 times. I had NO idea. ::sigh:: I'm still reading more. I have about 3 more HUGE envelopes to go through.It's therapeutic and disheartening at the same time.

On another sad note my Grandfather, Harold is in the hospital right now. He went by ambulance from his heart pounding out of his chest and sky high blood pressure. He has had heart problems since he had a quadruple bypas about 8 years ago. My mom called and let me know, but she didn't know a whole lot. I guess they sent out a test to see if it was a heart attack or what. Hopefully I'll know more tomorrow or within a few days. We're not even sure how stable he is. Prayers and good thoughts would be appreciated.

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Kelly said...

Prayers for your grandpa! Also, take heart when reading Emma's files. I know it must be so hard. She is so lucky to be here.