Friday, May 05, 2006

Just a quick "we're alive" update.

Life is hectic. The days have been filled with eye appointments, dr. appointments and blood tests for anemia b/c she did eat for 8 hours straight, home health visits, rescheduleing occupational therapy visits. I swear every day theres a new appointment to go to or reschedule b/c of a different appointment. I'm worn out. LOL.

Emma's eyes are doing well the Stage 1 ROP is beginning to regress. She has another appointment to check its regression in 2 weeks. It appears that her eyes will be JUST fine. YAY!

On wednesday, Emma hadn't eaten for a few feedings and was rather lethargic. After her eye appointmen we ended up taking her to the ped. They ran some blood tests. She is still anemic and her hematocrit went down very slightly, but "nothing to get worked up about" yet. After her blood draw she decided to eat REALLY well for about 30 minutes. Guess she's just like any other kid. She shaped right up once we saw the doctor.

Today was her home health visit (also my very first day alone with the kids, no hubby, no nanny.) She is up to 4 lbs. 9 oz. She is doing well. Looks great. Nothing really to report. No news is good news in this case.

The kids are adoring her. They give her LOTS of kisses. Lily says "BAAA" for baby. It's really cute. She has aquired the nickname "Chimi" for chimichanga since she's always swaddled like a burrito since she can't quite regulate her temperature well enough not to be. The kids (yes, all 3 of them) took a bath together night before last. Maybe I'm crazy, but they seemed to enjoy it. Emma likes her "safer bather" bath pillow thing and fell asleep while the older ones splashed. Bathtime ended though when Lily got soap in her eyes and Caden dumped a cup of water all over mama. LOL.

Here are a few more pics of the past week home. The updates will be further spread out now that she is home. I will update at least once a week though. Enjoy.


Kelly (ILuvBabies) said...

You are brave to bathe all three at once! Glad to see an update. I look for one every day. :) Emma looks so much more alert now.

Kym said...

I LOVE the bath pic...that is just too sweet...they are all wonderful pics!!! That is so awesome about her eyes! I bet being exhausted because she is home is much more satisfying than being exhausted becuase you are driving back and forth to the hospital to see her and be there for her feeds.

wheezeybouncer said...

too cute, but sooo brave bathing 3 of them!

glad all is well and emma keeps improving :o) give the big ones lots of hugs for me too

geina xx