Sunday, June 11, 2006

More tests.

Emma's still in the NICU. Her last spell was about 4:30 today. She had a few tests today and is having the ph probe done tomorrow. Hopefully she'll start doing better soon so she can come home. Not much going on.

We took the kids to Disneyland today. They had a blast. Lily was able to go on the cars for the first time today. It was an all around nice day.


Kelly (Iluvbabies) said...

Continued prayers for Emma's speedy recovery! The kids look like they had fun at Disneyland!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry that everything's so up in the air. I think it's great that you were able to enjoy a nice family day at Disney and I hope that next time, Emma is home safe and able to be with you. Here's hoping for a speedy recovery so she can come home for good!