Thursday, June 01, 2006

No Change

Well, Emma has no change in her eyes. We go back again in a week to check again. Apparently there was a bit of concern on whether the right eye was starting to get worse or not, but he said it was a fine line so for now he'll call it no change. Emma is turning into quite the pistol lately. She cries. Alot. I think she is now turning into my hardest of all 3 kids. She starts crying and just won't stop. She likes to use me as a pacifier (which my other kids did too). In the evenings she cries and cries. We're thinking she might have colic. And yes, we've ruled out numerous other things. Other than that she's doing great though. She saw the occupational therapist last week and she said she's right on track and even ahead in some things. That's good news. She's getting bigger by the day and really starting to "feel" heavy. She's also definitely filling out and looking more and more like Caden did as a baby.


Anonymous said...

This would be just the right age for colic which starts about 2 weeks after birth or due date. I am a certified Happiest Baby educator and would be happy to help you find another educator in your area to take a class from. I have found the techniques that turn on baby's calming reflex to work each and every time (when done properly of course) and parents say it's a lifesaver. Having had a colicky baby myself and not knowing how to 'fix' it at the time, I wish I had known this information then. Feel free to e-mail me through my website if you'd like help in finding a local class! They'll probably come to you even so you won't have to pack everyone up or find a sitter. :)

I'm glad her eyes haven't worsened. Hopefully she'll keep on the up and up! Hang in there Elaina. It's a tough road but you're doing a fantastic job and your babies are so lucky to have a loving and dedicated mommy.


Kym said...

Thank you so much for continuting to keep us posted on how you are all doing...I just love seeing the pictures of your gorgeous kids!

Luv ya!

Kelly (ILuvBabies) said...

Glad her eyes are not worse. I hope they get better and no surgery necessary!

Ug on the colic. Destiny had it and it was the hardest time in my life. Nothing I could do would change the crying. But it does vanish and Destiny was quite the happy baby after that. :)