Sunday, June 11, 2006

Still having spells.

Emma won't be coming home today either. She had 5 spells yesterday and apparently has already had a few this morning. They are going to do an x-ray just to make sure everything is clear. Also they're going to do a head sonogram to clear her of any brain bleeding. If all that comes out normal and she is still having spells of the decreased heartrate and desaturations of her oxygen level then they will order a ph probe to trest the acid level in her stomach to see if she is having reflux issues causing the spells. The probe goes down her throat and into her stomach and is done for 24 hours. Last time she had it done she was about 3 lbs and managed to pull it out, so aside from a straight jacket I'm not really sure how they'll be able to do it. Lets just hope she behaves herself so she can come home sooner. If she is having reflux issues than they will start her on meds. I'm about to leave to go feed her. Poor baby.


~Di~ said...

Continued Prayers for her. Thanks so much for the update.

Kelly (Iluvbabies2000) said...

Prayers for Emma to come home soon!!!