Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Emma's G.I. appointment.

Well, we saw her g.i this morning. She could tell how tired I was. She said her main issues with doing a fundo are even if they tighten the esophagus she has delayed gastric emptying. So that would cause an array of problems and would't solve thing. So they would have to do the pyloric as well, which of course has it's own set of complications. If we have to go that route we will, but for now we're continued with the wait and see. she is 5 months adjusted age, 8 months real age. So she wants to keep on keeping on. I expressed that really I'm not sure how much longer we can do that and at this point want to procede with testing to rule out different things of course while waiting for the surgery, IF she even needs it. I also told her I wanted to try the hs blocker with the ppi. So she is setting up Emma to be admitted in the hospital. Either thursday morning to friday afternoon, or monday morning to tuesday afternoon depending on schedulng. She will have a scope with the biopsy, as well as as gastric emptying study. That is the plan anyways. So we're going on hospitalization #4. ::sigh:: I just wanted SOMETHING to show up that is an easy fix. I know it won't happen but one can hope right?

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Kelly said...

Poor Emma! She has had such a struggle in her few short months. I hope they find something that will make her better soon. And glad you are doing your homework and request things for her. :)