Friday, October 06, 2006

MRI Results.

Well, I Had an MRI for my frequent and long lasting headaches. The nuerologist sent the results to my primary car physician to handle. Apparently, my brain is completely fine but my sinu cavities are completely clogged and apparently pushing up into spaces towards my brai most likely causing the headaches. She made a point to let me know that she's not sure how I'm breathing, let alone not having ANY sinus issues, no couch, no congestion, no pressure, no NOTHING. Also that she has NEVER seen this before. So she wanted to send me to the head and neck surgeon, but per protocol it got sent to the ENT first at which point I'm not sure exactly what they'll do. She did mention some sort of biopsy to make sure it is "just" sinus stuff and not something else especially with how it looked on the MRI. So, I guess this is good and bad and I continue to worry until Oct. 20th when my ENT appointment is.

A small update on Emma. Her G.I. was out of the office the day of Em's appointment so it go pushed off until Oct. 10. We're having major crankiness issues. She is waking up every 1-2 hours, dream feeding, in between screaming and whimpering. I can NOT put her down or the screaming commences. She will smile and coo and talk and be "happy" while being held but will scream like she's dying when she is put down. Part of me wonders how much of thiis is reflux related and how much is just a high maintenance baby. With that said though, there are MANY evenings where even being held doesn't stop the arching of the back or the obvious pain. I feel SO SO bad for her. She on max dose of prevacid solutabs once a day (we gve in the evening when her reflux is the worst for the evening/night). Cerafate 1ml, 4 times a day. This is also max dose it's meant to coat her esophagus, ease the pain and help heal. And in between the cerefate we give 1/2 teaspoon of mylanta. So every 3 hours she is being dosed with something and it seems like it's not helping, at least not as much as it should. She is still puking, sometimes projectile and large amounts. Seems she's constantly oozing and her most recent trick is to Ooze from her nose. Yummy. It's just so so so frustrating. We're ready for surgery, but are treading lightly. We don't really want her to have to go through it but are seeing no other options. Last thing her doctor said was "well, she's gaining weight". Of course she is, she dream feeds ALL night long otherwise she would be LOSING weight. We'll see what she says at this next appointment. But we're tired, frustrated, and not sure when to say enough is enough and press the issue further. At what point do say her quality of life and pain issues are more important than the fact that she is gaining weight etc. It's just rough!

On the Caden front. He had his evaluation with the special education people through the school district. He will have a series of them and meet with their occupational therapist, speech therapist, have his hearing and eyes checked again etc. They are also observing him at his current preschool and will do so a few more times to get a better picture as well as speak with his teachers about his behaviors and any concerning behaviors. This process can take up to 60 days but is sometimes shorter. We'll see what he qualifies for, if anything. They want to place him in the school that is most appropriate for his level of functioning (which is quite high). So we are glad that the process is starting to move along.

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