Saturday, October 21, 2006

Head and Neck Surgeon

Well, I had my headand neck surgeon appointment today. I went in fully expecting to hear take these super duper pills and come back. umm. Wrong!

I walk in there's a dentist type chair all kinds of probes, metal things, oxygen etc. My blood pressure was higher than it's ever been along with my znxiety level. He walks in gloves up and say I need to look into your sinuses. So he uses this "numbing spray" has me suck up through my nose and swallow. Nothing really felt different. I asked if this was normal. He said yeah sometimes. So he proceeds to pull down this light on his forhead and pull out the big long black scope. My heart was racing. He startes putting it up through mt left nostril first. I sorta grimmaced in pain, part discomfort and part pain. He keeps going until it reached what felt like right between my eyes. And he sorta tried to push buut no go. He pull back, up through the right nostril and a little her this timme and stuck. No go. He then wants to look at my voicebox. Tells me to swallow and breathe. Yep, not happening. Darn gag reflex. He got it though I guess. He pulls it out and snaps his gloves on. Sit on the stool and says "well".

I knew from the tone of his voice it wasn't good. He said "well the mri scan is not good enough for the surgery that need to be done. I'm sending you for a specialize CT scan which will take 3d pictures of the nasal cavities which will help the nuerosurgeon and I best plan out the surgery." So, me being in denial, shock or still uncomfortable (oh the numbinf medicine started working about then, go figure.)He then goes on to tell me that it's a risky surgery and that the complete frontal blockage especially a-symptamic is rare. GREAT. RARE. 2 words you really don't want to hear. He then goes on to tell my my nasal passages are unusually small, and being that the area arounf your nose is typically very thin that there is the added risk of poking through the cavity and into the cranial matter (brain). He said if this happen or looks like it might we will need to cut along your hairline peel back the skin and tissue and go directly through the front of your face.

Ok, so still not hearing that this surgery is going to happy I ask "So, what are the chance that I will need this surgery?" He said oh you DO need, you're going to have which is why I'm explaining everything and letting you know why we're doing the specialized CT scan. I think my jaw hit the floor. My friend from out of state was with me and she looked pale like a ghost. Anyways, They need specialized instruments a nueorosurgeon and the ENT Surgeon for the surgery as well as wanting the specialized CT scan available during surgery to help guide their placment etc. YIKES. So he said it will happen in December. No concrete date yet though. I then went on to ask if the surgery was really necessary if i didn't want it. He explained that it was a "disease of the frontal lobes" and that it was spreading and needing to be done. I was too shocked to asl WHAT disease so I need to call back so I can research it to death.

The good new is if the surgery goes off without a hitch I go home the SAME day. Obviously not if it doesn't. Bad news, is he says recovery can take up to 2-3 weeks and we should have childcare for the children and I should basically stay mild. He said afterwards I should not drive for at least 2 weeks and that my balance my be a bit off during that time. ::sigh::

Will this year ever end? It's one thing after another. I'll write more about it when i know more concreate dates as well as when I have time to process it a bit. Oh and I will try to have him take pictures! Why? Because, I'm weird like that!

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