Monday, October 30, 2006

Emma's Endoscopy

We checked into admitting at 9 a.m. Em's last bottle was at 7 a.m. They had a room ready but no crib so we waited around until 10 a.m. and finally got a crib. So we went upstairs to the 4th floor. They got her vitals. Her weight , 13 lbs. 2 oz. So 10 oz loss total in about a week. My husband showed up then. Emma was still a pretty happy. Then we went to the treatment room to put an i.v. in. My husband stayed behind and I went. Emma started screaming as soon as we were in there. Poor girl knows by now what was coming. I told them not to even bother with her hands and to go for the left foot. So they did and sure enough first try got it in. She was upset for quite awhile but Daddy calmed her down and had her asleep on his chest in no time.

The procedure was scheduled for 11 but the doctor was late (she normally is but she's worth it). There was some issues with the peds room being used by another doctor who wasn't scheduled to use it so we headed up to the 6th floor which is an adult floor and not quite equipped for children, let alone infants. My husband and I were able to walk her up to the room. There were 2 adult nurses, 2 peds nurses, 2 G.I. doctors (ours and an adult one) and an anesthesiologist (just in case). My doctor apparently doesn't normally do scopes on children sedated or put under general under 1. I told her Emma would fight so they gave her a half dose of Verced. By the sound of it from the hall it didn't do much. They had me helping get on her nasal canula for oxygen (nurse had to run to the nicu for one small enough for her!). One of the doctors at one point asked if I was in the medical field. I laughed and said, before kids I was! So they kicked us out for the procedure. It lasted about 10 minutes. We came back in held her, calmed her down. They gave us a print out of a picture of the inside of her stomach. Nothing to excited.

Now for the results. She said the lining of the esophagus was more irritated and red than she thought it would be or should be. Emma is on max dose of prevacid, on zantac, carafate and mylanta. Irritation should not be present or very minimal. So we have to wait 42-72 hours on that to see if it is an allergy issue. I'll update again when we know. If it is than she'll switch to neocate. If it's not I'm not sure where we go from there. She DID however agree to Emma needing a g-tube. They wanted to place it today but she doesn't place them and the person who does is on vacation. So she'll be scheduled for one to be placed in a week or so when the person is back. Unfortunately, it will be at Bellflower where she was last at and we're not thrilled with their peds unit. Oh well, supposedly it's only a 48 hour stay or so.

So, we are thankful that we are all on the same page now. Hopefully, she'll start gaining weight, feeling better, sleeping better, and then I can sleep better as well. I just hope we can get this reflux under control because I know she is in so much pain. So for now, I guess it's a matter of "this too shall pass"

from today's events. Most were from before. One was in the elevator on the way to, and a few after. Not necessarily in that order. Pics of Today


Leigh Ann said...

I just wanted to say that Emma is just precious and beautiful. I'm so sorry for all the challenges she has/does face. I'm sorry for the sinus problems you're having also. I will keep you both in my prayers that you get fast and complete relief and that your lives can become very ordinary and boring!!

God Bless you all!

Kelly said...

Emma is adorable in those pics although it's hard to see what she is up against. Sorry to hear she is still sore and losing weight. Hopefully they can get things under control now. She does not deserve one more poke!


t said...

i agree those pictures are adorable. it breaks my heart to see her in the hospital again, i can only imagine how difficult it is for you to go through all of this with her, i imagine it is something you can never get used to. you are all in my thoughts.