Monday, November 06, 2006

Surgery Date for me.

Well we have my surgery date. 6 days before Christmas!!! Uggh. December 15th will be my pre-op appointment and then December 19th is the big day. It will be at an outpatient facility instead of Lakeview where I wanted it. I'm not too thrilled and actually petrified of this. If it was at Lakeview I would be inpatient and kept at least overnight and given better, more effective drugs. Instead, I'll have the surgery and if all goes well go home within a few hours after surgery with my nose/head packed with gauze and some tylenol with codeine or some other crap that doesn't work. Ughh. Sorry for sounding so pessimistic but I am just NOT happy about this at ALL. The only other date was on the 27th for Lakeview which would have been GREAT but he was already booked. Pray for a cancellation that day so I can fill in that spot. Otherwise, Christmas won't be too fun spent on the couch. The other possible dates were late in January a day before Caden's birthday so that's a no go besides the fact that it seems they don't want me to go that long. So I thought I'd keep everyone updated. I'll try to update as soon as possible after surgery but not sure when that will be. A friend of mine said the recovery is pretty horrendous and that the doctor wasn't lying. So we'll see. Now to work out childcare, my care, etc through Sean, his grandma, sean's dad, possibly my mom, and whoever else volunteers. :)

Emma is doing ok. She is having her formula mixed to 24 calories/oz rather than 20 calories/oz. We have yet to hear from her doctor but I will be calling here shoretly and hopefully she'll be going in for her g0tube relatively soon. sooner rather than later would be great.

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Kelly said...

Sorry the girls are sick. :( And ug on having surgery right before Christmas. I would much rather have a hospital stay as well so don't blame you there.

What is a g tube by the way?