Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yay, just colds!

Well, just got back from the pediatricians. The girls both have "really bad colds". Lily has a small "viral rash" on her forehead. She is more miserable than Emma. Good news, since concentrating Em's formula to 24 cals/oz. she has gained 6 ounces. Yipppee. Her g.i. called while at the peds. The Endoscopy showed no inflamation or eos esophagitis. So that's good. Radiology at Lakeview is not comfortable putting a g-tube in a baby Emma's size so she was referred to a doctor over at bellflower. She has an appointment with him on thursday at 2:30. He'll show us the g-tube, go over it, and have us sign consents. She said surgeries are typically scheduled the following week. So sometime next week it should be placed. So, things are moving right along. Hopefully, this will help her gain weight, sleep better, grow better, be happier, etc. Pray for an easy operation (endoscopically) and quick recovery time.

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