Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The girls are sick :(

Does it ever end? I'm sure you guys are tired of my whining so if you are don't read any further. Anyways, Emma started getting a runny nose about 4 days ago. I though "Oh, no not again!" But sometimes she'll get it for a day or so from her reflux and nothing. Then, Lily got it. Great, now they both have colds, both have fevers, both are pulling at their ears (possible ear infection, Emma just got done with antibiotics a few weeks ago for one), Emma is projectile vomiting (some with bood in her sleep, could be caused by ear infection). Her reflux is made worse by sickness. Poor Lily wants to be held, rocked, and have her hair brushed off her forehead and comforted and that's all I want to do right now, but then Emma starts in with her non stop screaming, and she's sick too. so I find myself uncomfortably rocking myself in a chair not made for a mama and 2 babies, while emma iponches lily and pulls her hair and Lily pushes Emma away and gets an attitude. ::sigh:: I'm about to give Lily a breathing treatment since she's wheezing pretty badly. They both have appointments at 1:45 and then at 2:00. Hopefully it's just a cold, they won't need antibiotics and my visit to the doctor will be a waste of time. :) We'll see though, Emma always likes to throw us for loops. And when lily's sick she normally is pretty happy go lucky so I know she is REALLY sick if she's moping around, cranky, crying, wanting to be held and just looks so darn pitiful. I have a feeling Caden is bringing home stuff from preschool. The girls are sick but he is fine. Nobody we know has been sick and we haven't really been anywhere for anybody to get sick.

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