Saturday, November 18, 2006

The night went well

Just got home again. emma should be discharged later today hopefully. I'm still dealing with the home health company to get her supplies. Hopefully we'll have them BEFORE she is discharged. She did well overnight. They started her on 15 cc's pedialyte/hour for 3 hours. Then 30 cc's/hour for 3 hours. Than half strength formula 30 cc's/hour for 3 hours. Then full strength 30 cc's/hour for 3 hours. that ends her first overnight continuous feed. She should be back to oral feeds for the day. The doctor did mention we could bolus feed or use the pump to feed as needed throughout the day as well but to try to keep her nippling and taking oral feeds at least 3 times a day. She slept for 2-3 hours at a time last night which is a RECORD for her. I'm hoping we're onto something here and it's not just the morphine. Oh, and even better, no reflux yet with the tube feedings! Hoping that's not just a fluke either. I'm really starting to think we did make the right choice. Hope it continues to go well. Sean and i are doing well. We're tired, emotionally, physically, mentally, but hanging in there. Caden and Lily appear to be doing well and I[''ve showed Caden pictures of Emma's new feeding tube and he understands that is is to help get milk in her tummy and doesn't seem to bothered. He asked if it hurt her and I was honest. I told him that it hurt at first but she got medicine and is now feeling better. He also saw pictures of her smiling and playing with her giraffe toy with the tube in so he seems to be ok. I wanted him to know before he came home since he doesn't do well with things being sprung on him. I'm sure Lily will be just fine as well.

She was so happy when she woke up and saw me this morning :)

Here she is resting peacefully right before I left this morning:

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Shelly said...

That picture of her smiling is so precious. I pray that she continues to have no reflux and nice continous sleep. I hope she gets to go home real soon.