Saturday, November 18, 2006

We're Home!

We're home and settled. After making about 20 calls to Apria we finally got the Kangaroo Pet Pump delivered. I'll probably have to call on monday about 20 more times to have them exchange it for the more portable, smaller Zevex enteralite infinity pump. In the meantime her pump is easy to use and will get the job done temporarily. I cleaned her g-tube site tonight and it looks GREAT. It had very little discharge. I placed a new piece of gauze (probably won't after tonight) and got her all set up for her feed. She'll have 30 cc's (1 oz.) an hour for 12 hours overnight. So far so good with NO reflux or spitting up since her surgery. We are SHOCKED and really hoping that this helps her reflux as well. Even more shocking she took 6 1/2 ounces from a bottle from the nurse today. NEVER EVER EVER has she taken more than 4 ounces at a time. Even better NONE of it came up. We are thrilled and really know now this was the right thing to do. Her g.i. doesn't want us overloading her stomach though so we're not to allow her more than 4- 4 1/2 ounces more awhile to give her stomach time to get used to the g-tube and to heal and to stretch a bit more. If she starts refluxing more than we're to offer more by g-tube slowly until she doesn't reflux as much. Anyways, she is so used to having a bottle every half hour at night for comfort and soothing that she is really upset about not having it. I'm sure at this point alot is behavioral as well and it will just take a bit of "training" to get her to go longer at night without waking and to fall asleep without a bottle. In the meantime I feel like a mean mommy. :( Here are some pictures from right before she was discharged and some tonight during her dressing change.


Kelly said...

She sounds like she is doing well! I hope you don't have to get up every hour to fill the tube. Yikes! I hope this does the trick!

munkeesmama said...

The pump is filled with 12 hours worth of food. So I won't have to get up unless she gets up. Hopefully she'll start sleeping longer!!!

Shelly said...

She looks great! So glad she is home now!!!