Friday, December 08, 2006

Double Edged Sword

Well, well, well. After several messages to the Head and Neck Surgeon I got a call back. My CT scan was indeed clear. There was slight bit of mucous in the frontal sinuses but it was considered a normal amount. The Dr. was quite baffled. He said to me he had to keep going back and forth between the scans and even double checked to make sure the CT scan was mine. He said he has never seen this before. He said it appeared calcified at the bottom and that it was completely "plugged" upon his physical examination. Remember back to the uncomfortable probe up the nose and down the throat? Yep, that is the one. He said he has been trying to wrap his mind around it all day before calling me back and letting me know that the surgery has been cancelled. I burst in to tears. Some shed of relief that I won't have to undergo a risky surgery, others from frustration, pain, and fear. The fear of the unknown. He is having me come in to have my hearing tested and to check my ears again but doubts that he will find anything. He apologized. What for? It's not his fault. He said he wishes me well and will be discharging me from his care once I have the hearing test and the ear exam.

He did say that my symptoms baffle him with everything showing up "clear". He feels it is a neurology issue or possibly a cardiac issue regarding circulation. My referral is in for neurology. I should get an appointment date on Monday. I'll be making an appointment with my general practitioner to get a referral for the cardiologist. In the meantime, I wait sicker than I was before I ever met him and left right where I started from.

The many prayers have been appreciated and continued prayers will be welcomed.

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First off, you know i"m praying!! Keep your chin up!! Secondly:

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