Friday, December 15, 2006

No news is good news I guess.

We're just plkaying the waiting game. I have had a few "good days" the past few days. Meaning not too manbyd izzy spells and no real BAD headaches. And no falling. But I woke with a major headache today so we shall see. I saw my general practitioner today. She is stumped as well. she did a baseline EKG which appeared to be just fine. She also put in the referral to the cardiologist and I need to call later today and get an appointment. So now we want to see the nuerologist and the cardiologist. She mentioned a "tilt table test" . I guess it's just that they strap you to a table and keep turning and tilting it to try and get you to a) pass out b) have a seizure or c) do nothing. Sounds like a hoot. ::sigh:: She's not sure if that's what they'll do but says it seems like the next logical step. So, still waiting. Everyone is too afraid to prescribe anything for the headache or dizziness or even my sleep issues. Nobody knows what's wrong so they don't want to make anything worse. While I agree with them there are times where I am so miserable that I'm willing to take about any risks/side effects, but maybe that's the symptoms speaking. So, that's it for now. I'll update later about the kids with pics since I have managed to steal Emma's blog.


loraine said...

You have a great attitude about all of this, Sweetie. Keep hanging in there. Sending lots of positive vibes your way. Love ya'll.

Kelly said...

My brother did the tilt test and it seemed to me that he had to go without sleep for 24+ hours in order to agrivate whatever the problem was they were looking for.

Good luck with everything!