Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Em has a Mic-Key

Everything went well! Yay.

Last night we got a call saying to check in at 1:00 p.m. and surgery would be at 3:00 p.m. We made Emma NPO after 9 a.m. We checked in got back onto the peds floor with some nurses who knew us (there first comment was "she's back AGAIN?"). Thiis time we were in a room with a roomate. Another baby younger than Emma it looked like. I don't think the parents spoke much English so we didn't really talk. Just the obligatory nod and smile of understanding.
Emma definitely is aware of what is going on now. She knows the hospital and she knows the rooms. It's really sad actually. She wouldn't let us put her down and cried/screamed/whimpered everytime I went back in her room. We spent most of her pre-op time walking the halls of the peds unit. A volunteer gave her a book donated by a family who had lost a child. She really enjoyed the book. she also got an octopus stuffed toy that squeaks and rattles. It had a sticker that said "I squeak and rattle" so we put it on Em's forehead. It was pretty funny (and accurate at the time). She got her I.V. which of course was a nightmare. I was hoping they would wait until she was sedated but orders were written for pre-op and turns out the OR was running late anyways so it was probably a good thing. She finally did fall asleep RIGHT before we headed down to pre-op.
They took us down around 3:30 p.m. A half hour past when her surgery was scheduled. We waited around down there talking to nurses and the anethesiologists (same as last time). She finally went in for surgery around 4:45 p.m. She liked the anesthesiologist and didn't cry when they walked her back. We headed to the waiting room and figured on about an hour. Sure enough an hour later at 5:45 p.m. Dr. Duh came and got me and brought her Mic-Key box out. Explained some things and then brought me back to her. Emma did really well during surgery and being extubated. She did require oxygen for some time as she was in the low 90's for awhile oxygen saturation wise. After about half hour Sean got to come back too. By then she was stable and only moaning a bit. She had a good bit of tylenol in her but she is always weird when coming out of surgery. Somewhat moaning/crying/fighting. After an hour we went back upstairs.
Her button looks GREAT. Some redness but that's normal. SO much better than the long peg tube hanging down. Also they burned some granulation tissue with silver nitrate while in there too. She was going to be started on pedialyte. 30 cc's/hour for one hour and then onto formula 30 cc's/hour until morning. Sean and I had already decided I wouldn't stay tonight. We had a rough night last night. She was refluxing bad which she hasn't done in awhile. We think she aspirated (her lungs were gunky sounding today before surgery). I was up with her most the night and "slept" on our couch with her on my chest and every now and then her shrieking/crying from pain and arching her back. Poor baby. I need my sleep badly so I came home. Also I KNOW I couldn't sleep with a roomate. I HATE leaving her there but really I need my sleep today. I'm like a walking zombie. She was crying a bit when we left but her nurse was with her so we felt okay. I'll pick her up before 10 tomorrow. Hopefully she can get some rest and some good meds while she is still there. Here are some pictures from today.

Waiting to go down to Pre-Op.

"I speak and rattle!"

Em's new button.


Susan said...

I'm so glad she's doing great!

Shelly said...

so glad she is well!!

Kelly said...

Glad she is doing better and prayers that she stays out of the hospital!

loraine said...

Wow, what a trooper. Ya'll are doing really well- an inspiration. Thinking of all of you and sending positive vibes.

The Imperfect Christian said...

I'm glad everything went well. My youngest daughter was born early (three pounds, four ounces) with the added complication of having Down syndrome. She's doing BEAUTIFULLY now! Glad everything turned out okay!

WendyLou said...

The internet is entirely to small a world.

You and I visit on MDC, and I've clicked onto your blog from there, but I just saw you on Neonatal Doc.

WOW small world.

Another MDC mamma got pulled into drama on a blog I read. I now link to them both.

Wanna trade links?

munkeesmama said...

LOL, wendy. I would love to trade links. hahah