Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Hospital: Take 6

Well I’ll touch on me first. I saw the cardiologist. We went over a bunch of what if’s but not probabilities. He set me up for a 24 Holter test with a small battery pack to wear around my waist and 5 electrodes for 24 hours. If I have an episode I’m to press a button and record in a diary the time what I was doing and symptom. The monitor records constantly but this helps them to identify if the symptoms are related to the heart. Probably not but we’ll try it. Surprisingly yesterday was a really good day and so far so good. I have one very small short dizzy spell last night while cooking. Go figure! We may be doing the tilt table test next to see if the results vary. Otherwise I wait to hear from neurology to reschedule. My surgery was scheduled for today. It’s somewhat sad but somewhat a relief. I’m glad I’m not having major surgery but like I’ve said before it’s at the price of not knowing what’s going on with me and having no real explanation!

Onto Emma. We’ve been having problems with her Y-port attachment at the end of her peg tube. This is the piece that has a “female” end which the “male” end or “Christmas tree” part of the tube on the feeding bag plugs into. It is stretched out and the male end keeps sliding out and leaking. We’ve been taping it which has gotten old quick. We spoke with Em’s main G.I. who said call Dr. Duh and see about getting a button now since we’re having problems. So I did. He likes to wait about 12 weeks before switching to get a good tract formed but we discussed doing it earlier.

Anyways he had a no show for a surgery pre-op yesterday so she is booked for tomorrow for the OR to have her peg tube switched out for a button. YAY. We have to be at Bellflower at 10 a.m. in the peds unit. UGGH. Hopefully it’s a day surgery barring no complications. She has to be NPO after 8 which are fine since that’s when we unplug her for her 4 hours anyways. She’ll go under general once again. Prayers, that all goes well and that it is uneventful day. We are so thrilled to be having this done right now. The peg tube has been okay but it is somewhat of a pain and it will be nice to have a low profile button instead of a tube especially while she’s not hooked up!

This is what she has NOW

This what she will be getting TOMORROW

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