Friday, February 24, 2006

2/24/06 Two Steps Forward, One step back.

We've been warned over and over and over and prepared as well as I guess one can be prepared for this type of journey, but the preemie mantra of 2 steps forward and 1 step back I guess really holds true. Apparently, Emma was having some episodes of bradycardia (slowing of the heartrate) and had one particularly long one while the doctor was present. So they decided that she just wasn't ready to be breathing on her own yet. So they put her back on the ventilator and her o2 was set at 28-29% for most the day. Her levels were 98-99% and she looked to be resting peacefully when I went for a short visit around 1p.m. or so. She had another echocaridogram (ultrasound of the heart) which showed that her PDA (Patent Ductus Arteriosis, which you can get a quick explanation and diagram of here: ) had indeed closed which means the indomethacin they gave her worked. there is still a chance it can reopen but that was good news. She was down another ounce today, weighing 1 lb 11 ounces. We're hoping she will start gaining now that she is no longer under the bililights. Her color looked better and she was resting peacefully when my mom and I left.

Sean, Nick, and the kids and I went back this evening to visit her. She was stable, still intubated. Caden enjoyed seeing her and held her head for a few moment. We got out first "family photo" of the 5 of us, WOW, sounds weird to say the 5 of us (you can see the picture below). Nick took the kids out and right as Sean and I were about to say goodbye her alarms starting sounding and her heartrate dopped dramatically along with her o2 levels. Her vent monitor was reading "obstruction" indicating there was something causing a blockage in her ventilator. they tried reposition her and it, but it was a no go. They turned her o2 up to 100% during this. They tried suctioning her but the catheter which suction got STUCK in the ventilator. they removed the whole suctioning device and replaced it thinking the first one was messed up. Nope. The Dr. was paged and was in there within about 45 seconds, shoes untied, pants untied, shirt out, and rubbing her hands with an alchohol swab (she was in her call room just about to get comfy). Right when she got there Emma stabilized a bit. They called the respiratory therapist and they were going to come down and replace the catheter to suction her with a smaller one which wouldn't cause so much resistance going down the ventilator.

They turned her o2 back down to 35% which is where it was when we left. She was agitated so I placed my hand around the top of her head, crossed her arms across her chest and somewhat firmly lay my hand on her. Sean wrapped his hand around her feet somewhat simulating how it was for her in the womb (if that can even been simulated with tubes and vents, and lines going everywhere). She calmed down within about 2 minutes, stabilized and was resting peacefully so Sean and I decided that would be a good time to leave.

I wanted to go back tonight after the kids were down, but Sean is tired and thinks we've been through enough trama for the night and doesn't feel up to driving right now. I can't drive for 2 weeks, so I guess we're staying home. Oh well, I probably need the rest anyways. Sean and I are both like rubberbands wound up really tight, ready to break at any moment. Lily and Caden have been super cranky, probably from sensing our emotions and stress. Sean and I joked that even the flowers that we've received are sensing the stress and dying (it's true, they're not lasting as long as flowers normally last in this house. Maybe they just feel neglected). So with that said. we're both a wreck. this balancing act between trying to be good parents to our two at home and being able to be there for Emma, for her and for US is getting stressful. I feel like i'm about to fall off the fence. Maybe I will use a friend's suggestion for stress relief. Patato smashing in the street. sounds like a great destresser. Hmm, wonder if the neighbors would mind?

Ok, well Sean is in the bed. the kids are sleeping and I need to go drug myself. More updates tomorrow. Pray for a better day.

Already wrapped around Daddy's finger. You can see the blanket that I made to cover her Isolette in this picture. It cheers up her "home away from home" just a bit.

The calm before the storm.

Our very first family pictures as a family of 5! So, how do we look?


shawnthegreat said...

Hi! I happened on your blog from the updated blogs list and read every word of your blog. I will definately be checking back fully expecting to hear that Emma is doing better everyday. I will be praying for your entire precious family and I know that my God is big and holds Emma and your family in the palm of His mighty hand and I believe that we are watching a miracle in the making! If it is o.k. with you I would love to link to your site from my blog so that I can encourage my family and friends to pray for yall. Please let me know if this is o.k.

wheezeybouncer said...

what a gorgeous family of 5!

keep going emma!

geina xx

MNBadger2003 said...

Prayers for you that Emma grows stronger every day and that you start taking leaps forward in progress soon. I hope that you have caring staff helping you at the hospital. Take care of yourself - you are healing too.

munkeesmama said...

Once again thanks for the overhwleming support and prayers. It is amazing how wonderful God is and how he brings people together to support one another in their times of need, even if they didn't know eachother before. I will try hard to thank those of you who have sent cards, flowers and gifts individually or through this blog. If I miss you please don't think for one second that you were not appreciated. Those of you who would like to link this blog to your blogs are free to do so. Once again. Thanks for ALL of the thoughts and prayers. God has a plan for our sweet emma!

Anonymous said...

love the family pic!!!

Anonymous said...

I think you writing this blog is a wonderful thing. I did not keep a journal when my twins were in the NICU 8 yrs ago and I wish I had.

Anyway, I will be praying for Emma as well as the rest of your family.

HUGS and prayers!


Shabby Miss Jenn said...

I will keep praying that this lil princess grows fast and quickly!!!!! What a beautiful family photo!

Michelle said...

What a beautiful family, Elaina!

Bonnie said...

Great Grandparents Wear are praying for Emma and enjoying seeing your family bonding with Emma. Keep up the good work you are all doing in this difficult time.