Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday, 2/22/06, 4:30 p.m.

Me: I didn't sleep much last night again so it was taking me forever to get around this morning. Sean went back to work today although from what I hear hasn't been able to ceoncentrate real well. I don't blame him. I think we're both just physically and emotionally worn down right now. I started developing a weird rash on my abdomen last night which has spread upwards over my belly and formed little bumps and turning dark, bright red. It looks like a topical allergic reaction and is itching and burning like crazy but I can't think of anything which has changed. It is really strange. So I am going to after hours care at 5:45 p.m. to be seen for it. Other than that I am doing well. Trying to stay on my schedule as far as taking my meds and pumping goes. Pumping is going great and I think I can officially say my milk is in and the NICU freezer is full, our in house freezer is full, and now we're beginning to work on our freezers in the garage. I'm thinking it might be just about time to invest in a deep freezer or think about donating some to someone.


I stopped in very briefly before shift change to check in on Emma. she is doing well today. Unfortunately, she is down to 1 pound 12 ounces, So very tiny. But apparently around this time it's very typical and "normal" for her to be olsing weight. she has to play the lose,g ain, lose game for a bit before she will continually gain weight. Hopefully she'll start gaining once she is no longer jaundiced and her breathing issues are resolved.

Her blood gas came back good so her o2 was turned down to just 25%. She has handled the change well and has not had any substantial or non- nurse induced desats or apneac episodes. YAY! 21% is considered room air. Hopefully this is a sign that they'll be able to take her off the ventilator and put her on the nasal CPAP, or maybe even just a nasal oxygen canula soon. When one of those happens we will be able to begin holding her. We can not wait to hold our angel.

Her bilirubin level was down to 4.2 which is good news. Once it is at 4 or below they can remove the lights. So they will do another check tomorrow and if it is under 4 then they'll take them off of her and she won't have to wear her "sunglasses" and we won't be taking "blue baby" pictgures again. There is a chance she might have to go back under them even after she has had them removed but we will cross that bridge when it comes and hopefully not have to cross it at all.

Her PPIC line was inserted through her leg and weaved up near her heart. The procedure went well and now she won't have to keep getting new I.V's and being poked constantly. So more good news.

Sean and I plan heading back over to see her again for am longer visit after my after hours visit. I should be getting some more pictures as well.

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