Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday, 2/22/06, 6:30 p.m. , Quick Visit

Me: They're not sure what my rsash is but gave me prednisone and benydryl to clear it up. Hopefully it works. I'm in quite a bit of pain right now and of course hoping my meds kick in soon.

Emma: Checked on Emma real quick after my after my after hours appointment. She looks scrawnier today, but I guess that's because she lost some weight. Oxygen level was at 26%. Her I.V. in her hand had been removed so all that is remaining is her PPIC line in her leg and then the line going into her umbilicus. That one will be removed when they no longer need to do blood gasses on her. I had to pump while there and they were very accomadating. It was peaceful. Emma seemed to be very content and was laying still and resting nicely.

Sean and I came home to eat dinner and put Lily to bed and will be going back for a longer visit after the shift change in the NICU.


~Di~ said...

Continued Prayers for Princess Emma! I am watching this blog daily praying that any change is a good change. Thanks for the updates. (((Huge Hugs)))

Kimber said...

She is doing so well! I'm positive that once she starts getting your really good preemie breastmilk, she'll start gaining well. The oxygen levels is such good news!!!

We're still praying for you, your family and especially for your little princess!