Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Tuesday, 2/21/06, Final update for today and more pictures

Well, I need to keep this short and kind of to the point since it's about 12 minutes until midnight and all of my meds are kicking in. I only got about 2 hours of sleep last night and maybe 3-4 the night before so I really need to try and get more best so I can recover as well.

2:00 p.m. Me: I had my staples removed. It didn't;t hurt. Apparently there is a lot of bruising on my left side. The Dr. who took my staples out and assisted Dr. Moore (the delivering doctor) in the birth and stitching me up ended up seeing me. She didn't know she would be seeing us and it was just a coincidence. She was really nice and let us know that she had been praying for our baby and would consider to do so. Gosh, we are blessed. Thank you Jesus!!!

We left with instructions: No driving for 2 weeks. No heavy lifting or housework for 4 weeks. No sex for 6 weeks. And one more thing, but I honestly don't remember what it was but one more prohibition until 8 weeks. Oh well, I think we'll manage without rule #4.

We headed to the NICU after my appointment to meet up with our nanny so the kisd could go in to visit with Emma for a second.

3:30 p.m. Emma:

Went to visit Emma. She was in a tangled mess of cords and had wet through her diaper and all of her bedding. She was really agitated. Sean and I helped the nurse changed her bedding and change her. Her alarms were sounding and I was quite aggravated by the situation as well. I was/am hoping it was a one time situation. She ended up being suctioned and her o2 level was back up to 41% if I recall correctly. She had been given her transfusion of 20 cc's of blood. She is still under her bililights for the jaundice and her bilirubin levels were 5.9. Once it drops under 5 she can get out from under the lights. It will be nice not to see such a blue baby (I have to admit blue does look good on her though ::wink wink:: ).

Caden came in to see his sister and was thrilled once again. He held her hand and rubbed her foot. He then closed her porthole and told her to get better so she could come home. He said goodbye Emma, see ya later and kissed her isolette. He's such a proud big brother. We also brought Lily in to "meet" Emma as well, knowing full well Lily wouldn't understand, we talked her through it like she would though and kept trying to get her to say baby. The closest we got to it was "bah, bah" while attempting to bang the isolette. So her visit we kept short, sweet, and to the point.

We had to leave since our nanny was getting off and we needed to pick up my prescriptions. Our nurse was going to suction Emma right after we left since her lungs sounded full of gunk.

7:45 p.m. My mom came to pick up Caden and take him to her house. Grandpa Nick put Lily to sleep so Sean and I could quickly run to the NICU before shift change at 8. We were hoping to sneak in before 8 and not get kicked out from 8 p.m.-9 p.m. (they "close" 4 times a day for an hour each time for shift changes). We got there 5 minutes before 8. Asked the nurse a few questions and then were kicked out. We headed to wal-mart and picked u some fleece fabric and satin edging so I could make Emma a more colorful and personal blanket to cover her isolette. We also picked out some purple flannel so I could make a little receiving blanket to replace the blah hospital one. I'm hoping this will make her home bit more comfortable before she can REALLY come home.

9:15 p.m. We made it back to the NICU. She was being suctioned again as we got there. She handled it like a pro and even managed not to desat. during the suctioning. She normally desats and they normally have to turn her oxygen to the low 90's just to keep her stable while suctioning. This was very reassuring. She was also given her 2nd dose of Indomethacin to help close her pda (which causes the heart murmur) Apparently, the doctor changed his mind after speaking with me and wrote the order. Her o2 was at 36% Maintained an Oxygen saturation of about 95% while we were there. She did desat quite a bt when she made a drop of pee in her diaper. She dropped to 83% and was very agitated ( she does NOT like to be wet and definitely lets you know!). So I went ahead and changed her and she went right back to being happy and at 96% saturation again. This girl cracks me up. It felt good to be able to know what my daughter wanted and needed and be able to provide that for her even though she is tiny and in the need of constant professional care. She was seeming a bit agitated as well towards the end and it was nearing the time for her next fentanyl dose at 10:30 p.m. this he,s to sedate her a bit and keep her calm. I also wrapped her receiving blanket around her whole body a bit closer , building a tighter nest and this seemed to calm her down heaps as well.

unfortunately, as all things do our visit had come to an end. I made sure to get some more breastmilk storage bottles and labels since I am consistantly pumping 4 ounces at each session every 203 hours. I'm a pumping queen and SO happy about that. Well, my eyes are becoming crossed so I'm headed to bed before it's time for my next pumping session.


Jen A. (mom to William) said...

Sounds like you had a good day. What a relief that there is no brain bleed. That's worth about 10 steps forward! You've got a strong little girl and I have no doubt that before you know it, you'll be bringing your daughter home. Thanks so much for the updates.

Susan said...

Hang in there Emma and Mommy - you're doing great and know we're holding you up with prayer all the time!! Love ya!!!