Thursday, August 03, 2006

Another night...

The sleep study and ph probe tests went well so to speak. She didn't pull out any of her wires and they think they got the data they need. The results won't be back until sometime tomorrow. I ended up staying at the hospital last night (didn't get much sleep there! She had 1 color change during the night and is having major problems feeding. Not sure if it was from the tube down her throat or not. she's gagging, her oxygen levels are dropping etc. Hopefully, it will self resolve now that the tube is out. The nurse said she's ALOT happier now that those tests are over as well.

We're hoping they find SOME explanation for all of this and that she can come home tomorrow. I'm debating spending another nmight at the hospital or not. We have nobody to watch Lily so that might make my decision for me, unless I drive home at like 5 in the morning.

Sean and I are still hanging in here. We're both just really tired. One thing after another.

Caden's sleep deprived EEG is on the 8th. So we're somewhat prepping for that. Or I am at least. On a good note Caden has had quite a few good days at school lately. We got him a t-ball set and taught him how to hit balls yesterday. It was ALOT of fun!

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Kelly said...

Emma looks miserable with all the tubes. :( I hope the tests come back okay although I know you want an answer. Hugs for her!