Friday, August 04, 2006

Passing the time.

Here's the reader's digest version of what is going on. Em is still in the hospital and mostly likely will be staying another night or so. She has a 24 sleep study and ph probe test. She had wires everywhere and a tube going down her nose. She was miserable (I don't blame her). The ph probe test confirmed that she does have severe reflux. She is back on meds for that.

The sleep study report has not come back yet. There are concerns about her breathing. Not necessarilly full blown apnea, but definitely inconsistencies in her breathing pattern.

Also, she is still have feeding issues, gagging, turning her head, arching her back etc. Some of this could be caused by the reflux but an occupational therapist is coming to work with her and might order more tests. There are concerns that there is something wrong with her epiglottis (read about what it is and does here : If there is a problem with it she'll most likely have surgery. Her infection spread from one ear to the other but she is an antibiotics for that and just generally acts and looks better. So that's where we are at now.


Kimber said...

I'm so glad she's acting better. Though I don't blame her either for not liking the tubes and wires!

There's a mom at that has dealt with severe refux... give a hollar over there and I'm sure someone will remember her user name. She'd be a great resource!

Kelly said...

Glad she is on meds for her reflux. I'm sure that will help. Prayers that she won't need surgery!