Saturday, August 05, 2006

She's Home!

She's home. The ot never came and saw her so we'll be following up with her regular pediatrician. They upped her zantac since her reflux is pretty severe. They will monitor her and how she does on it. If she doesn't seem to be getting better with the meds or constant crying, etc. Than they will do another ph prbe and if nothing has changed than surgery will probably be the next step. She's still on antibiotics for her ear infections. They didn't send her home on an apnea monitor however her regular ped may order one for her. She LOOKS and ACTS a 100% better.

For the reflux she has to stay upright for an hour after she eats, sleep elevated. (they recommended a tucker sling. You can google it. Pretty pricey so i'm trying to figure out a way to make my own :)) Also being on her tummy is supposed to help with the reflux as well. So hopefully now that her ear infection is under control and we have the reflux more under control we'll be able to know what to watch for more and hopefully she'll be fine from here on out. They said the first year is the hardest with reflux.

Also, please pray for another mom and baby in the nicu. Her son is 12 months. He had severe reflux and had surgery for it when he was about 6-7 motnhs old. Well he came back in for vomiting. Turns out the surgery loosened. They had to redo the WHOLE surgery. Poor bubs is on morphine and in alot of pain and mom is a mess and barely hanging in there. Pray he heals quickly and that they can go home. Also, mom hasn't left the hospital even to shower in the last 3 days, hopefully she can get some rest too!

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Kelly said...

Yay on Emma being home and doing so much better! :)