Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Appointments today.

The day started off with Emma's occupational therapy appointment. It went well. She doesn't feel like she has an oral aversion at this time, however she is concerned that if Em's reflux doesn't get under control quick that within just a few weeks she will. Emma is up to par with her age in most other things. Although she is a month behind her adjusted age in rolling over and she still keeps her hands fisted which should be gone by now. Or at least not so much. She is scheduled to see her again in 2 weeks to make sure an oral aversion hasn't started.
So, we ended up going to the kid's pediatrician to see Lily for her "well baby" visit and Emma for her eating issues. I guess I'll start with Lily. she has a classic case of Hand, foot, mouth disease. The worst of it is over hopefully. She is lucky though since she hasn't had a fever. She is in the 99th percentile for height at 33 inches and is in the 50th percentile for weight at 24 lbs. even. She is right on trac for development and actually a little ahead in most things. She was due for vaccinations but after discussing my concerns and my peds thoughts on delaying and not doing some of thenm we decided not to give them today and if I choose to continue vaxing in the future I can ask her later about it. The same with Emma and Caden.
This brings us to Emma. Emma has lost a little over a pound and is barely 10 lbs. It was waivering between 9 lbs. 15 oz. and 10 pounds. The doctor and I discussed a strategy and agreed that right now we do NOT want to cause her to have an oral aversion if it's something structurally causing it. She called the g.i. people and told them she wants Emma's test done stat. I have to call and schedule the appointment.l She scheduled her for another weight check in a week and she hopes the test and results will be done by then so we can see where to go from here. She also said that the zantac has had more than enough time to work and at this point the ppi is worth the side effects. So she prescribed prilosec 1.5 ml once a day. Hopefully, this will start helping!
I'll update again either in a week or when she has her gastrointestinal test.
Oh, and we got her an acid reflux pillow which should help keep her propped up. She doesn't like it too well, but we'll just keep working on her!

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