Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Emma's follow-up

Emma had her follow-up fwith her normal ped. em is now weighing 11 pounds even. Yay! Anyways, her doctor wants us to get her records from the hospital. She has a few questions on some things that were said/done while in the hospital. Anyways, she upped her zantac AGAIN to .6 ml. Hoping this will help the reflux. We also switched formulas to Enfamil A.R. for "babies who spit up frequently". Thus won't necessarily help the reflux, but it should help with the spitting up FROM the reflux. So far it's working. We're not sure the zantac is working. She been on it for over a month and is getting worse. The pediatric G.I. specilist she wants her to see (the best in the county) is on vacation. In the meantime she put in a referral for an upper g.i. test and when the specialist gets back she'll have a consultation with him/her. Apparently if the g.i. test shows something she'll have surgery. If everything is "normal" which I suspect tahn we might change her med to Reglan as a last resort. If she is staying the same or getting worse than surgery is back on the table. In the meantime check out a site I found for infant gerd that has been a phenominal wealth of information!

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