Tuesday, August 01, 2006

It never ends.

Just when we thought it was smooth sailing from here on out Emma caught a cold, or something. She was up all night screaming on sunday night. Monday morning she started projectile vomiting by noon she had a 103 fever. I fed her again and she coughed, puked and turned bluish grey. She did this again a few minutes later. We took her to urgent care last night. The Dr. tried to play it off like it;s just a cold and send us home. She didn't even look at Em's history or anything. I basically threw a fit so she called the doctor on duty at the hospital who said she wanted Em admitted and monitored but that they had no beds. So she saaid take...(another Kaiser hospital somewhat in the area about 45 minutes away). So we take her home fever goes between 99-104 depending on how long she's had tylenol in her. She had an episode early in the morning and another around 9. I called the Dr. who she had a follow up appt. with scheduled today. She said I could come in earlier however I couldn't because I had Lily.

I went to her appt. (my mom watched Lil) She was just about livid about the Dr. on call last night. She said she'll be writing a report. Anyways, she ran a blood culture, did a urinary analysis through a catheter, and a chest x-ray. All came back pretty much clean. So she called the doctor on duty at the hospital. Still no beds. Instead they transferred her to another hospital by ambulance. The new doctor is really nice and said he's a bit "over protective" but wants to get to the bottom of this.

Emma will be having a spinal tap tonight to rule out a brain infection (they don't always show up in the blood). Also there is something with a muscle at the bottom of the stomach which can become enlarged and close it off which results in projectile vomiting, fever, and decreased stools. All of which she has. He doesn't think this is it as it's pretty rare but if it is she'll have surgery. All of this is speculation at this point. So for now she'll be monitored. If no spells and the spinal tap comes back ok she might come home tomorrow. Although, they also want to do a stomach ultrasound. And she might be having another ph probe done for reflux to see if that's causing all of this. So for now she's in the hospital. She graduated to the big girl peds unit. No more nicu. Of course mommy had daddy bring the camera so I could get pictures just like everything else she has gone through.

Mommy and Daddy are doing alright. Both tired and trying to work out childcare for Lily so Dad can see Em in the morning and go to work later in the day and so I can be with Emma tomorrow. Continued prayers for Emma and also for the Doctor's who are taking care of her that they can find out what is causing all of this.


Kelly said...

Poor Emma. :( If it's not one thing, it's another. Glad they are taking care of her. Keep us posted on her progress!

Kimber said...

Lots of prayers for you and Emma!

Anonymous said...

Lots of prayers for Emma, family and the doctors that really care :) Please keep us posted.
Taia from KCA

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, Elaina - We're praying for all of you!! Lena

Anonymous said...

Many prayers that Emma pulls through soon! Glad you have good care now.